Phils Win With Class

It was absolute excitement and joy as a team
i followed for so many years, 45 to be exact, won their
second championship in their long history. As frustrating as
many of those years were, the long grind made this the more
sweeter. One thing stood out as i watched the the clincher,
and the post game celebrations, and that was the class both
the players and management showed in their victory. I am from
Hazleton, PA., this being the hometown of Rays manager Joe
Maddon, i cheered from him during the season, but of course
not for him as my beloved Phillies got to the World Series.
My biggest disappointment with Maddon was he showed very
little class post game the clincher when not once did he
congratulate Charlie or the Phillies in any of his comments,
to me, thats lack of class. Charlie was complimentory in
speaking of the Rays, but this just shows the class of my
beloved Philles.